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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I inventory?

Bar owners loose countless dollars each day because of lack of inventory or inadequate inventory practices. The TIPS software allows you to inventory as often as you want for the monthly fee

How much money can I save?

It truly depends on your average losses. If you loose 3 drinks for every bottle due to over pouring, and the average drink price is $5.00, you loose approximately $15.00 for every bottle that you use. Ie: 25 bottles would be approximately $375.00 in losses per week.

What makes this program better?

The math used to calculate losses should be the same no matter what you use. Our program is a cut above the rest because it was designed with the owners and managers in mind to make the inventory process as painless as possible.

Is the TIPS program just for inventory?

No. It actually helps with cash flow,as you can set a par level on each brand and you will automatically know how much to order each week. No more guessing. Also, it will help you set the drink prices so that your margins are competitive in the market.

Does this program help generate more revenue ?

Inventory programs by nature will not help you generate more revenue.  However, what they can do is help you have a healthier bottom line by tracking losses so that you can eliminate the problem areas and receive the maximum return on investment.

What type of scale should I use?

The suggested size is one that can weigh 10 pounds by the ounce.  If you are not sure which scale to get, please contact us and we will help you with this.



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